Excelling in computer repair services & sales, USA Computer Store™ is South Florida's one-stop-shop for everything computers.

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4820 ne 12th ave
Fort Lauderdale, FL 33334

(954) 580-7843

  • Monday – Friday
    10am – 6pm
  • Saturday
    11am – 3pm


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Onsite Mobile Computer Repair Services


We offer the best Onsite Mobile Computer Repair Service in Broward . We have been serving Broward residents and businesses for the past 9 years. Our extensive knowledge and great customer service has made us the Fort Lauderdale’s best Computer Repair Service. We can fix any computer/laptop problem.

We Offer Onsite Commercial & Residential Services.

Our Services include :

Computer & Laptop Repair
Network Setup and Configuration
Wireless Network Setup
Network Printers Installation and Troubleshooting
Server Configuration
Small Business Networking
Software Installation
Quickbooks Setup
Data Cabling & Wiring




Most common computer repairs services in Fort Lauderdale:

Computer Virus Removal: Computer runs very low, computer freezes, computer restarts, pop-ups, programs dont open, Cant get into Windows, blue screen of death, worm, spyware, malware

Laptop Screen Repair : We can fix Cracked screen, dim screen, dark screen, no image, screen replacement, fain images, white screen, black screen, double image

Software Computer Support : programs are not running, computer slow, outlook problems, internet problems, registry problems, start up problems, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 10, Quickbooks, Network, Wifi Network, Sharing , Servers, Microsoft Office, blue screen of death, black screen, no internet, email, lost passwords, passwords

Hardware Computer Repairs : computer does not start, bad computer power supply, broken laptop dc jack, laptop plug, laptop does not start, laptop overheats, computer is too hot, laptop shuts down, fan does not spin, computer beeps, wireless, sound, keyboard, cd drive, hard drive, memory, motherboard, hard drive repair

Data Recovery : lost files, erased files, deleted files, data back up, data recovery, corrupted hard drive, broken usb flash drive, external hard drive, hidden files

Laptop Brands We Service : Dell Computers, HP Computers, Gateway Computers, Acer Computers, Sony Vaio Computers, Toshiba Computers, Compaq Computers, IBM Computers, Lenovo Computers, Fujitsu Computers, Samsung Computers, Apple Computers, Emachines Computers, Alienware Computers, Asus Computers, Clones Computers, etc.